Adventures of Little: Supporting the journey from pregnancy to birth and beyond!

Laurie McGowan of Adventures of Little provides support along your journey, from pregnancy to birth and parenthood. She offers the 10 week Birth Boot Camp prenatal education series in North West Calgary to give you and your birthing partner a variety of tools to use in pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Laurie shares evidence based information and comfort techniques based on your needs to help you make informed and confident decisions along your journey. The live class format helps you to grow your village while the online option gives you the opportunity to set your own pace.

Classes are set-up to be started around 20 to 25 weeks pregnant, but can be started as early as 15 weeks or as late as 30 weeks. Up to 4 classes that can be taken online when you select the live birth class happens! Laurie’s certified birth doula services are available through Tender Touches Doula Service.

Laurie is the ONLY fully certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor teaching natural childbirth classes in Calgary, Alberta


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