Top 3 Gifts that Have Carried Over the Generations: Natural, Healthy and Ethical

Awesome items keep arriving everyday and tonight I started to reminisce. Think back to your childhood...what gift did you get every year? Now, do you give your kids that same gift every year? Here are the top 3 that came to my mind:


As kids we got a new pair every year...I still get a new pair every year! And so do my kids. There is something disturbing though...all synthetic fibre pajamas are treated with unhealthy flame retardants (serious chemicals, always wash your clothes before wearing).

Wee Woollies Pajamas: So what can you do? Give wool! Wool is naturally flame resistant...meaning its good to go! Merino wool is super soft and certain types can be traced back to the actual flock of sheep. Add in Bluepoint non-toxic dyes and crafted in Canada, you get Wee Woollies pajamas! Sizes range from 6 months to 6 years old and in super cute colours for boys and girls! I'm jealous...I want them.

Skin Care!!

I always remember getting bubble bath, shower gel, lotion or lip balm in my stocking. And when I grew up and learned how to make all of those items with natural ingredients (yes, I once had a lot of time on my hands), I gave those as my presents.

Now, I don't have that kind of time (oh how I long for that time), BUT I know some fantastic people that do make their own as a real live Canadian small business!

All Things Jill is a fab skin care line made here in Calgary! Men (Just for Jack), kids/babies/mommies (Peas in a Pod) and All Things Jill!

All Things Jill Peas in a Pod Just for Jack Natural Skin Care for the Family Made in Calgary

Delish Naturals in a line I've carried since we opened back in early 2011. They have grown up a lot and are made in Kamloops BC. We love carrying their super fun skin care line! With great scents (essential oils, natural fragrance oils and synthetic based on natural fragrance oils), you have a wide range to choice from as well as a long list of products for the whole family! You can find the line here!


I remember being about 8 years old and receiving my first cookbook (I still have's pretty terrible haha). Since then passing along favourite cookbooks has become a tradition. Why not keep it going?

Wean Green has a fantastic cookbook called Cookbook for Weaners. Melissa Gunning (who is fab, fab, fab) is the founder of Wean Green and she wrote this amazing cookbook with Jennifer House MSc, RD of First Step Nutrition to help you make the ultimate baby food at home. It's so easy, healthy and inexpensive! Plus, both of these ladies are right here in Calgary!

We have paperback and digital versions available to suit all (tablet not included, darn)!


I hope these suggestions got you reminiscing too! What is your favourite gift that has carried over the generations? I'd love to hear, so please leave your answer in the comment section below!




November 27, 2013 by Laurie McGowan
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