Cloth isn't just for babies...

Okay cloth diapering moms, don't tell me that you never stroked one of your babe's diapers (especially those that use bamboo or organic cotton) and thought how nice it must be for babe to have this on their bum. Perhaps you even thought how nice if you could wear something soft like that? Well, you can!

On the rag


Aunt Flo

Whatever you call it, it happens to women. Let's call it what it is and without whispering it...MENSTRUATION!

I don't know what came first, the disposable diaper or the disposable pad. It doesn't really matter though. Both are made with very similar processes. Bleaching, SAP, plastic and packaging. Oh ladies, the packaging!! A box, with individual plastic pads each wrapped in plastic and a plastic strip to protect the glue. Yesh.

If a child in disposable diapers for 3 years produces 1 tonne of waste, how much waste do you think each women using disposable menstrual products produces? I'm not ready for that math yet.

Anyone else find tampons extremely irritating? Or ever read the instructions of tampons? I started using a menstrual cup before kids and loved it! Sure, parts were a little yucky, but so is changing a tampon or disposable pad. You have to pull them out without winging them around, wrap them in tissue paper and then hide them in the little bag in the bin. For the cup, pull it out, tip it over (note: it is not a tea pot), and its good to go again. I could leave it in and take it out when I wanted (or needed), but I was still using disposable panty liners as the just in case and it was uncomfortable! Once a day, use a little soap and water to clean it up. It wasn't until after babe #1 that I realized that cloth pads were a great option! Soft, oh so soft. And I'll say this...vulva's deserve to have softness ladies!!

Now, I don't really have much to work with each month that's to one small piece of plastic I do have an intimate relationship with, but I won't go back. Well, I have a couple times out of necessity (out of town random spots) and it's been terrible each time.

Finally Bummis has decided to share the organic cotton love with us females and made the Fabulous Flo Pads!! I can't wait to try them out.

I am super curious though, do you use cloth pads or reusable cups? What do you like about them?

If not, why not? Would you consider it now?

Thanks for sharing!!!



April 03, 2014 by Laurie McGowan
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