Choosing Childbirth and Infant Classes - How Does a Pregnant Couple Choose?

Birth Boot Camp is a new kid on the block, especially in Canada (specifically Calgary and Toronto as there are only two of us Canadian Birth Boot Camp Instructors) and I know there are questions.

Do childbirth classes even matter? Why are there so many types of childbirth classes offered? Why would I choose Birth Boot Camp?

Let's do this...let's talk about why!

Childbirth Classes ARE Important

Not only do childbirth classes give you great information and resources, they help to fill in the many gaps there are in the system. How many births have you attended prior to your pregnancy? How many positive birth stories have you heard? Do you know the history of childbirth in Canada and North America? Childbirth education is a great way to find out this history that so many of us are unsure of as well as provide a balanced viewpoint on birth.

History is important to recognize where we are coming from, but modern and up to date evidence based information is also key. Birth Boot Camp curriculum is reviewed and updated each year by their board to ensure Instructors are sharing relevant and current information with their students.

Labour skills are major sections within all childbirth classes, but there are other important topics that should be covered in detail as well. The importance of nutrition during pregnancy needs to be continued after birth to ensure momma and babe are getting their nutrient requirements. Relaxation techniques are helpful for dealing with the world of a newborn. Immediate postpartum and infant care knowledge including early parenting techniques before your babe's birth can start discussions and ease tensions.

Infant Care: What to do after baby comes!!

Cloth diapering, circumcision, babywearing and attached parenting are all topics we discuss and provide resources for you. Breastfeeding is covered in the class as well as through a 3 hour DVD that includes expert advice from an IBCLC, specific instructions on how to breastfeed, tips on how to properly latch and prevent nursing pain, how to know if your baby is getting enough milk, stories from moms, troubleshooting problems, info on returning to work and pumping your milk, ursing in public with confidence and more.

Birth Boot Camp natural childbirth education prenatal classes in Calgary Alberta; pregnancy labour breastfeeding nutrition and relaxation skills

Rules? You make your own guidelines!

Many childbirth classes have rules and guidelines to follow. Birth Boot Camp is not a "method" program. We focus on comprehensive education (nutrition for staying low risk, provider and place of birth and how that affects the outcome of your birth, complete education on the risks and benefits of various interventions that may be offered to you and more). We give you many tools to cope effectively with your birth. Different things work for different women (and even the same woman in different births!), so we want you to have many tools in your toolkit to pull from if one isn't working. We show modern birth videos in each class, showcasing birth in various locations so you know what it looks like, today, wherever you choose to give birth.

Teamwork + Effort + Love = Family

Partner support is another big difference. Birth Boot Camp emphasizes partner involvement and provides direct suggestions for partners, but we don't expect or teach partners to coach a woman through her birth. A coach is an expert on something that he or she has participated in as a player. We teach couples to work as a team, and we give partners a set of comfort measures (one per class starting in class 2) that help them be actively involved in supporting the mother during birth, as she needs. We focus a great deal on relaxation as one of the most important elements in a satisfying birth and help couples learn how to do that together...these skills are helpful beyond childbirth.

A big thank you must go to Melek at for helping to provide clarity on this topic with the use of her words describing Birth Boot Camp.

Our Calgary live classes start January 9 with all Birth Boot Camp classes for 2015 posted on the Class Calendar page.

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December 28, 2014 by Laurie McGowan
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