Joy in Birth - Thoughts on Brene Brown's Super Soul Sunday Talk


Country Bumpkin Birth Services (a Birth Boot Camp Instructor) had posted about Oprah and Brene Brown's discussion about Joy and Gratitude from Super Soul Sunday on rocked my thoughts for TWO FULL DAYS.

When thinking about birth, so many women thinking about their upcoming birth are thrilled with joy but they let the fear of what could go wrong takeover their thoughts. How do we combat this fear?

"When we lose our tolerance for vulnerability, joy becomes foreboding." ~ Brene Brown

Brene Brown suggests using the the practice of gratitude as a way to circumvent the foreboding thoughts. Educating ourselves on the whole parts of pregnancy, labour, infant care and breastfeeding can allow us to have the knowledge to make informed choices with less fear of the unknown. We don't know the future, but if we can inform ourselves and live in the present with joy, we can move beyond the fear and celebrate the now. Each pregnancy, birth and child is unique and only happens once. Enjoy the process!!

How do you overcome fear? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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December 18, 2014 by Laurie McGowan
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