Postpartum Poop Vs Birth: Which One is Scarier?

Ready to talk about poop? We work really hard to take the fear out of birth, but what about the fear in the first postpartum poop? Halie Wolfe of Country Bumpkin Birth Services is a Birth Boot Camp Instructor and Doula in Abilene, Texas. She's compiled a hilarious and truthful article on postpartum poop with tips and truths from a number of Birth Boot Camp Instructors.

Why focus on postpartum poop?

Poop is a very natural part of our lives, preferably occurring on a daily basis and without and hassles. Add in a pregnancy and those poops starts changing. Due to your body working hard to grow a baby, you need to increase your water intake and make sure you're getting a good amount of fiber. Then there is the dreaded birth poop. You know, the one women are terrified of doing during pushing? Some women poop during pushing and IT'S OKAY! If anything, its helpful to show you are pushing well! After said birth, the next big poop moment is the first one. Whether vaginal or cesarean birth, stitches or not, it's a mind thing.

Warning TMI! I had an epidural with my first, in hospital for 2 days, and didn't poop for four days...I'm not sure if I was terrified (had 2nd degree tearing) about my stitches bursting or if it was the awful pain of being constipated and thinking what was to come out; probably a bit of both. I used stool softeners and it finally happened. With our second, she was non-medicated and I was home the same day with no tearing. I remember thinking if I had pushed a baby out with out medication, the pooping shouldn't be any worse. It happened much easier and faster with the use of a pooping stool (potty stool for my 2.5 year old). I was also eating my mother in law's food not hospital many things made a difference.

So please, take a few minutes from your day and head over to read all the lovely information on postpartum pooping. Do you have a tip for making that poop easier and less stressful? Please leave it below in the comments!

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January 12, 2015 by Laurie McGowan
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