Does Cost Hold You Back From a Birth Class During Pregnancy?

Let's face it, during your pregnancy you will be spending money in ways that you never have before and the cost of a childbirth class may hold you back from taking one with your partner.

Prenatal Class Cost Breakdown

Our group classes cost $350 for 10 sessions in 2015, which makes for a $35 per couple date night investment. You can't go to the movies for $35. You receive a comprehensive 170 page workbook that you as a couple use for your weekly homework and as a reference during go time. The Birth Boot Camp Chow Charts help to keep you on track with ensuring your protein, supplements, exercises and more are all kept on track to help you stay low risk during your pregnancy. The breastfeeding support video is yours to keep forever, great knowledge that you can access at anytime. Its easy to find the info you are looking for within it as well as gives loads of additional reference material and sources. Can't make it to all 10 classes? You have the option of taking up to 4 classes online including the birth videos!

Birth Boot Camp natural childbirth Classes are modern and comprehensive prenatal classes!

You can check out the 2014 Birth Boot Camp birth information in another article; the 2013 stats on Birth Boot Camp births are pretty awesome (see image above or follow the link for details)! The World Health Organization believe the necessary cesarean birth rate to be around 10% and the actual rates are closer to 30%.

 What Happens in a Class

And then there is the live class, a place to meet with other couples experiencing pregnancy at the same time, maybe the same issues or maybe completely different experiences! We share these experiences, we practice techniques from your toolbox of skills that you learn and watch a variety of births so you and your partner can see the awesome variation of normal. You get to hear and see births that happen in the hospital, at home and in birth centers. Loud and quiet women, supported and unsupported, vaginal and cesarean births, medicated and unmedicated births. Listen to a chiropractor talk about what they do and how they help, listen  to a doula describe what she does for couples. You can see the detailed class descriptions here.

10 Weeks to Learn About Birth...More Than Just Birth

10 weeks sounds like a long time, it is. We aren't just covering birth in our classes, we are talking about taking charge of your health and your experiences. Every class involves a comfort measure, a relaxation technique, nutrition information and exercises. We talk about circumcision, babywearing, cloth diapers, what tests will be happening, the types of places you can birth and different care providers. We give you homework to discuss with your provider, help you make a birth plan that is helpful and most of all, we provide a safe space to ask questions and really talk to each other. The first year after a baby arrives is hard on the partners relationship, why not use the skills from the class then!

You can find all of our 2015 childbirth class options in Calgary here or if your interested in booking a private childbirth class, we offer that option as well.

If finding the money for the course is tricky, talk to me :) Let's find a way to get you in it. Add it to your registry, ask people to get together and purchase it for you and your partner, put your daily coffee money to better use. Our online natural childbirth option is lower price with the same great info and resources. Our next post will discuss preparing for baby and more ways to put money aside to take a childbirth class during pregnancy!

Why are you choosing to take a birth class? Please share your valuable insight in the comment sections!

With Love and Light,

Laurie McGowan

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