40 Weeks the Movie

40 Weeks Movie Screening in Calgary

Big news!! Adventures of Little contacted by Big Belli, the production company for 40 Weeks the Movie, and asked us if we would screen the movie for some lovely Canadians for Canadian input on the film! And of course, we said YES!

Join us at Elan Family Wellness Centre for a screening of the movie, snacks and birth chat. We aren't charging for the screening, but we be collecting monetary donations for Birth Unlimited and requesting that you complete a short survey. Seats are limited to 15-20 people.

You can find the movie trailer and details here: https://www.40weeksthemovie.com/about-movie/.
If you are interested in joining us, head over to our Facebook event page and tell us you're coming! Seats are limited, so please only say you're going if you are going for sure. We really appreciate it!!

Movie synopsis:

You’re pregnant – Congratulations! Get ready for:

  • A 9-month emotional roller-coaster
  • More joy and worry than you thought you were capable of
  • Inappropriate questions and touching
  • Daily physical changes
  • Your heart bursting with love for a person you haven’t even seen yet
  • Always needing to pee

Are you early in the process? Late? Did you miss something? Ack! What was that? Was that normal? What is normal? What’s happening to my body? And my baby?

Let’s take a breath. 40 Weeks is a movie that answers these questions and gives you a window into the lives of a group of real women dealing with the same changes you are. Journey through the weekly milestones and information of pregnancy while discovering the community you are now part of.

40 Weeks has partnered with the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN), HealthyWomen.org, and the March of Dimes to provide expertise and support as you journey through your pregnancy from announcement to birth.

We invite you to get to know these women as they reach pregnancy milestones, learn about their bodies, and reach out for information. We follow each of them throughout their pregnancy and see how they deal with the normalcies of the process and also face unexpected setbacks.

February 09, 2015 by Laurie McGowan
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