Why I Loved My Natural Birth

The birth of my second child was an awesome moment; not only was she here and healthy, but she was my natural birth. I thought I had it all figured out with my first babe, but it wasn't until I met some wonderful new friends, my doula and several amazing books that I truly realized what my body was capable of doing. Birth Boot Camp is running a contest right now called Why I Loved My Natural Birth. The video with the most "thumbs up" on YouTube will win $100 towards gear, books or training.

I'd love to win and stock up on some extra prizes for my students! You can watch the video below and then make sure to give it a thumbs up!


You can view all the great entries here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWBimSYVrJcOzD8TQRYGgIJyN4wIyHOwx. Women and couples sharing why they loved their natural births with a wide variance of experiences of VBACs, HBACs, hospital births, home births, birth centre births and more! Warning, watching these videos may increase your oxytocin levels!

Your turn!! Leave a comment below about why you want a natural birth or why you loved yours!

With Love and Light,

Laurie McGowan

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