Spring Calgary Baby & Tot Show Contest

Contest Time!

Spring is on its way...meaning the Calgary Baby & Tot Show is also on its way! Happening March 28 & 29 at the BMO Centre in Calgary Alberta, it will be the place to see all the great services and gadgets for pregnancy, childbirth, toddlers and more! We'll be set up with a place for expecting or nursing moms to sit a rest while they check out the information our Birth Boot Camp Classes provide!

Did I mention we've got tickets to giveaway? YES!  I've got 10 pairs begging to find a new home. Let's make this easy...check out the Rafflecopter entry form below! Big points if you leave a comment below about your favourite of the 10 Birth Boot Camp classes (hint: check out the Birth Boot Camp Class Description page). Contest closes March 17 at 12 am MST. No cash value.

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With Love & Light,

Laurie McGowan, BBCI


March 02, 2015 by Laurie McGowan
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Jacqueline said:

have never heard about your childbirth classes until now! With my first baby, my labour was 40 hours long all natural. I wish I would have been better prepared with better coaching and ideas of how to get myself through the process a bit more seamlessly. I felt really alone and shocked during the whole purpose. I think the prep class you have with nutrition and body prep prior would have been interesting to implement. Will be considering your classes with my future babies :-)
Laurie M (Adventures of Little)

Laurie M (Adventures of Little) said:

Thanks Jacqueline! We are new to the “natural birth scene” in Calgary and I’m only the second Birth Boot Camp Instructor in Canada. I’m so sorry you felt alone during your labour! Childbirth is a time to focus on the mother and all of her awesomeness. We know more once and learn for the next time with each experience being a valuable one. Good luck!!

Kate lopez

Kate lopez said:

So glad I found your website before boot camp started for the June/July group!


Melody said:

Class 5 for sure. Hard to choose as all the classes look interesting

Laurie M (Adventures of Little)

Laurie M (Adventures of Little) said:

Hi Kate, I’m glad you found it too! Please send me an email of you have any questions about the next series starting March 20! laurie@adventuresoflittle or call 403-805-6326.


Carrie said:

Immediate postpartum.
Lots of interesting facts I didnto know about with my previous births!


Paul said:

The online classes sound interesting as it accommodates for busy schedules!


Kate said:

Class 5 – Baby on the move: this is a must for all moms-to-be.


Dana said:

All of them look super interesting!


Fadima said:

all are super interesting and informative for all moms :)


Martina said:

class 8 sounds the most interesting to me since I had a really hard time focusing during labour

Andrea L

Andrea L said:

THE IMMEDIATE POSTPARTUM PERIOD – This is so important and ppl don’t take the time to focus and talk about this!


Jenne said:

I, too think the Fog of war, class 8. I could have really used a trustworthy voice and one of reason and realism during my labour. Since that event, I have struggled to trust my instincts and inner voice.

Jamie McT

Jamie McT said:

Just hearing about the birth bootcamp classes now. Although I am signed up for prenatal classes through AhS already, I will definitely keep these in mind for baby #2!

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