Calgary's Best Resources for Pregnancy and Beyond: Step Forward to Better Health Refelxology and Doula Services

Calgary Reflexology Birth Doula Services

Here at Adventures of Little, I love to share relevant and local Calgary businesses on the blog! I am so happy to introduce you to Step Forward to Better Health and owner Lis Kunzi. Lis is a birth Doula and a Reflexology Therapist!

What services or products do you offer to Calgary families?

I am a birth Doula and a Reflexology Therapist. A birth Doula help the mom to be with labour and birth assistance, in hospital or at home where emotional and physical support is provided. I provide pre and post pregnancy service with a birth story.

Reflexology help prepare mom's body and babies for the miracle of birth. Reflexology energize you and gives you a healthier and often easier pregnancy with a chance of a shorter and easier labour/delivery.

What path lead you to where your business is today?

Through my Reflexology Services I helped many moms to be, and heard their fears about not being able to have a natural birth; fears about pain, Epidurals and C-Sections. I decided to become a birth Doula to support Mom and Dad with information, natural comfort techniques guidance and care. Calming their fears and anxiety has allowed for them to believe they have all the resources and capabilities to have a natural birth.

Is there a memorable moment you can share with us?

I remember entering a hospital with a labouring Mom in the late stage of active labour. The Mom was frightened and in pain as the contractions were overwhelming her. The hospital staff were preparing for an Epidural. I asked if she would try some breathing and relaxing techniques for 15 minutes to see if that would work and she agreed. With great support from her husband and relaxed breathing, she became calm and went on to have a completely natural birth!

What is your best advice for moms and their partners?

Keep it simple! Don't read too much and don't get too technical. Believe in the natural processes. Trust in your body, it knows what to do.

Contact Information:

Lis Kunzi, Step Forward to Better Health



Telephone: 403-978-7422

Side Note from Laurie...

Lis is a wonderful person and I am so happy to have met her! She is one of my key back-up doulas for my clients. Should the need to arise, you are in loving and capable hands.

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May 15, 2015 by Laurie McGowan
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