Calgary Childbirth Class Starts June 5 For Estimated Due Dates in August and September

The next childbirth class in Calgary is right around the corner, starting on June 5!

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Whether you're having your first baby or you're looking to improve your next birth, our Birth Boot Camp classes will give you modern and evidence based information in an interactive environment! That's right, I am running a childbirth class throughout the summer! Not able to make it to all the classes? That's okay! You can take up to 4 of the classes online if you can't make a class!

Why Take a Birth Boot Camp Class?

You and your birth partner get 20+ hours of modern and comprehensive instruction with modern birth videos, a 3.5 hour  breastfeeding class on video to watch together (and easy to watch and find information in during the middle of the night), interactive relaxation and comforting sessions, whole food nutrition information and a full pelvic floor program! You get to hear from a chiropractor (Class 3) and a doula (Class 6) about how they can help you have a great birth! At $350 per couple, you get a great value!

An unmedicated birth in a hospital setting is possible! I gave birth in a place without access to midwifery care and it was the knowledge that empowered me. Not sure if you can do it? Believe me you can! What if the what if happens? You will have the knowledge to make in your decisions and give informed consent. Are you looking for cesarean birth or vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) information? We discuss these topics fully so you can be prepared!

Classes are low-key and fun. The curriculum is designed to be interactive and involve the couple or the mom and her birth partner. We practice labour and pushing positions, relaxation exercises and play informative games (with prizes). You get a full colour manual to keep the information at your finger tips and its easy to refer to when you need! The daily chow charts help you to be accountable and track everything from protein intake to self-care!

When Should You Take Your Childbirth Class?

Classes are set-up to be started around 20 to 25 weeks pregnant, but can be started as early as 15 weeks or as late as 30 weeks. If you are a planner, you may want to take your class earlier in your pregnancy. Does the scheduled time not work for you? Contact me! I offer private birth classes in your home or there is a fully online birth class option with the same material and hosted by the our awesome head office team! Have you already had an unmedicated birth and are looking for a refresh birth class? The REBOOT Refresher Childbirth Class is for you! It's a 3 hour class with a great support book to highlight areas that mom and her partner may need to review regarding labour and postpartum.


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Let's chat today about what birth class will work for you! Contact me via the website, email me at or call 403-805-6326!

With Love & Light,

Laurie McGowan

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