It's a crazy time

We participated in our first trade show this past weekend! Apart from the long hours, we had a blast. Many lovely pregnant women, beautiful fresh babies and awesome little kids. I loved chatting with all the parents whether or not they choose to diaper with cloth. I'm not big on judgement; to each his own.  

We were very excited to debut the new name and web store. It was sad though to tell everyone about the move. We did decide to continue with our plans to have a booth at the Fort McMurray Women's Show October 28, 29 & 30! This has two impacts. One, our move date is impending as keeping our family apart has been very difficult so we will be moving to Calgary within the next two weeks to try and find a permanent home all while finding out more about the city.  Two, we will be back for the show, so if you want to order between when we move and the show (and can wait until the end of October), you can save on shipping!! 

There is much work to continue on the web store, but the basic functions are there. Believe me, it's only going to get better! Our models were so lovely to shoot in Saskatoon. Not all of them are mine, but they are all family members. We thought them being family just made it more special. 

Keep checking back on my blog...I swear there will be happier discussions not revolving around moving! We are going to run a contest very soon with one of my fav's Canadian, not a diaper, not for kids and smells AMAZING!  Maybe too many hints, but hey...I've got to get your attention somehow!

Before I forget...previous customers, your information transitioned over.  To get a new password, I will be sending out an invite.  If you don't wish to have your account set-up, I understand and you can dismiss it.  If you do, follow the link and voila!

Thank you for all your support!

September 27, 2011 by Laurie McGowan

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