The Addiction: Cloth Diapers Can Be Addicting If You Aren't Careful

There is a common affliction amongst cloth diapering moms (sorry dads). I am a long time sufferer (4 years and ongoing). It is an addition to cloth diapers (AKA REAL diapers). Many people turn to cloth diapering for one of several reasons:

  1. To save money.
  2. To reduce their waste.
  3. To stop the cycle of diaper rash experienced using disposable diapers.


    People generally start out trying real diapers through either a rental program or after extensive research. They start with what they think they like and then after getting comfortable, move on to trying other styles.

    Back in the day, there was basically one style of diaper and it was simple. It was a little work to fold and wash, but it worked. Now, there are hundreds of diapers on the market, all a little different. Each one was designed with their own baby in mind; a certain fit or look that was not in the marketplace. Even within one company, you can find multiple styles, colours and patterns. And they all are fun.

    This is what got me...real diapers are so cute! They are fun colours or patterns AND I reduce my waste AND I reduce costs AND I reduce diaper rash on my babies. I started trying lots of different diapers and found that some work better in certain circumstances for my family. 

    You don't have to feel guilty about your addiction. You are still saving money, reducing waste and being gentle on baby's well as being very stylish. Cloth diapers have a great resale (bad for me, good for you) and if you have more children, they will most likely last from number 1 to number 4.

    I say be proud about your diaper addiction! Between 4 and 10% of the children in North America are in cloth diapers. The number is on the rise as people being to see the benefits of real diapers. I have been seeing many articles recently about parents leaving babies in their disposable diapers for extended periods of time to lessen the cost of diapers. This is leading to serious diaper rash issues. I think more education needs to be done to spread the word of real diapers and shatter the myths surrounding them.

    Once we find a home, I will be starting Cloth Diapering Workshops and In Home Consultations in Calgary.

    Bring on the cuteness!!!!

    October 05, 2011 by Laurie McGowan
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