Awesome Savings on Our Remaining Inventory in Calgary!

Cloth diapers, diaper bags, leggings, toys, bags and more in Calgary

We closed our e-store back in July 2014...remember all the cool stuff we had?!?! Much of it was sold through another store locally but there is still a bit left. We have a table at the Mother of All Kids Clothing Swaps on September 12 and you'll find everything at 50% off the original prices.

Cloth diapers, diaper bags, wet bags, purses, lunch bags, Luna leggings for girls, toys, wood blocks, neck ties, bow ties...the list goes on!

I'm working hard to get it all organized and have posted pictures over on Adventures of Little's Facebook page if you wanted a sneak peek! Can't make it to the swap or want to buy it before? Contact me to arrange a private viewing time in my Brentwood, NW Calgary home. You can call or text me at 403-805-6326 or email me at to set-up a time or for more details. 5% GST will be added to all purchases and all sales are final.

With Love & Light,

Laurie McGowan


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