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We’re continuing our series on how childbirth classes can help beyond the birth of your baby. Previously, we talked about how prenatal classes can help you while being tattooed…now let’s talk…about talking…

The time before baby arrives is the perfect time to work on your partnership and your communicating skills. Here are three ways childbirth classes can help you communicate beyond labour.

1. Time is Set Aside Weekly to Check In and Focus on Baby

If this is your first baby, you may be filling your days with work, trying to get as much accomplished as you can before baby arrives. Tying up projects, getting stuff ready for baby…being busy. Your prenatal classes will be scheduled time for you and your partner to turn off the rest of the word each week and focus on yourselves and the baby. No phone calls, no text messages or emails…just you, your partner, the instructor and other couples in the same space as you. Practicing the comfort techniques and relaxation skills will bring the focus back to each other. Asking specific questions, working together in the games and being together as you hear the sounds of labour can strengthen your bond.

2. Homework Does Your Relationship Good

Setting aside time outside of class to review your skills and answer the questions is another way to focus on each other and the baby on the way. Again, halting the busy-ness in our lives by asking each other questions and LISTENING to the others responses. Letting your partner view their thoughts (and it works both ways) and really listening is important now as well as later. Once baby arrives, things don’t go back to normal, they will reach a new normal. If you are talking and listening to each other before baby arrives, there’s a really good chance it will continue after baby arrives.

3. Being on the Same Page Helps Ease the Changes

Going into labour with each partner on the same page and understanding the needs of the other can help ease labour…it can be an enjoyable bonding experience. And then comes a wee babe that seeks comfort from mom ALL THE TIME. Breastfeeding a newborn is a big job and requires a lot of focus on the babe. Sometimes this can be tricky for the partner as they aren’t sure how they can help out. A good childbirth class with help the partner finds ways to bond with babe and really support the new team without feeding being part of the process. Ensuring Mom has healthy postpartum snacks and water is an important job!

Your partner will also need support. This article has lots of great tips on how to support your partner postpartum. It can be hard on the partner that is not feeding the baby. So much comfort and love happens during those feeds and they may be really trying to support momma; feeling left out is a normal feeling but it can be helped.

I offer 10 week series of Birth Boot Camp prenatal/childbirth classes in Calgary Alberta. Times not work for you and your partner? You can take Birth Boot Camp online, complete with all the great information!

With Love & Light,

Laurie McGowan

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Maryellen Yates

Maryellen Yates said:

Great advice!

Kristi K.

Kristi K. said:

This has been on my mind a lot lately. We just had our third baby, and we’ve had to be reminded how important communication is. This is a great article!

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