"Organic Sleeping" and other fun stuff

I just had a super weekend. Yes, it started off with a sorrow as we remembered our fallen and current war heroes including my own Grandfather who was in WWII (and still alive) and my Great-Grandfather who went MIA during WWI. I took my youngest to Kamloops to visit my family while Josh took our oldest to oversee the final pack up and loading of our house in Fort McMurray. FIrst off, I have never really had alone time with Charlotte before. She was amazing during the drives (10 hours there due to a closed highway). We took cloth with us since I was staying with a friend who has a 3 month old baby that she cloth diapers. She is one of my oldest and best friends in the world. We grew up next door to each other and even though we have had our down times, she has been a rock during some of the worst moments of my life. Their love for their little girl reinvigorated me. She came a few weeks early and had a rough start to life, but she is just a beauty! Her thighs...so squishy!! Her mohawk...so fluffy!! The difference between my 20 mo and her at 3.5 mo was fun. My Charlie was also in love with her...even sharing food. My girls may drive me crazy, but wow...they are amazing beings!

One good discussion we kept coming back to was sleeping. They have coined the way baby sleeps as "organic sleeping". Their philosophy is if baby wants to sleep, she sleeps. If she wants to eat, she eats. No schedules, all flexible. I did the same type of parenting with babes. There are many terms for it, but I have to agree with them that "organic sleeping" sounds fun. Plus, organic is a very trendy word these days...I love it. Loved it so much I named the blog post after it! Yes, regularity is a good thing...but from my experience, newborns most likely are not on your schedule. Yes, at work I would get a lunch break. But I was typically hungry way before that. I'm usually tired, but I don't end up going to bed when I'm tired...too much stuff to do in the evenings. Babies do have that luxury if we let them...if they close their eyes, go with it. If they want to feed, go with it.

Sometimes our lack of schedules drive me crazy...like if I want to do some work at home and its about the time Charlie likes to nap...but she usually won't because she sees Mommy is busy and bugging her is way more fun. Haha. Sometimes our eating schedule drives me crazy, but they like to graze. I also like to graze, so I can't fault them. I also tend to bug my husband when he's busy...hmm pattern here??

Oh and BTW, we cloth diapered this trip...again. Seriously people, its not difficult. We were staying with our friend's, so had easy access to a washer/dryer. I took my own soap (out of habit) and my huge Bummis Fab wet bag. No leaks, no smells. I used liners to help ease the poop issue and took an assortment of mostly two piece systems (four days worth). I did take along some pockets and all in ones as well. Finally, three smaller wet bags for the day to day stuff. My Golly Gee! Baby fliptastic changemat with pockets is amazing (and washable). A dozen cloth wipes and tada! I did one wash over the five day trip during one of the down times. No big deal. Easy-piezy. 

We also got to visit with most of my Mom's family. They are so loving, so fun and just thankful to be together when the opportunity arises. I miss that more than anything living away from family. I am so thankful that in Calgary we have extended family! Seriously, once this move is complete...dinner parties!!

I don't like to judge, really. I think you do what you can when you can. For me, co-sleeping and extended breastfeeding wasn't an active decision...more like a "how can we stay sane?" And our parenting philosophies are constantly under review and I learn more every day about what isn't working. I hope one day I can be as good of a mom as my mom is...another major discussion point. Your mother is almost always right and did know what she was doing raising you. So whatever style of parenting you follow, respect your mom :)

I think that's all I had to say for now...oh stay safe on those roads people! Winter time is here, so careful driving and snow tires! Trips on the road take longer in winter, so plan for it by being flexible and please don't rush. Those beautiful babes need their parents...

I love you mommy!! xoxo

November 16, 2011 by Laurie McGowan
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