New Baby in Your Home? Make Visitor Rules!

New Baby Visitor Rules Don't Wake the Mom or Babe Calgary AB YYC Birth Class

Baby coming any day? New baby just arrived? Let your visitors know the ground rules before entering...and to stop ringing that darn doorbell! Everyone has different circumstances, so pre-plan your rules and make sure they get posted!

The first few weeks after baby arrives are important for the family. Mom and babe have to rest, recuperate and get to know one another. Let recovery take as long as needed. Visitors can be a blessing and a burden. Guests bringing healthy postpartum food, snacks or meals and helping out around the house without the expectation to hold baby are helpful and considerate. Don't be afraid to make boundaries for your family members and friends.

Below is an example of a sign to post on your front door. Feel free to download it and use it by clicking on the image. It will take you to a Dropbox location for the PDF! Students in my childbirth classes receive a similar sign in Class 10: Life with a New Recruit. You can take a live birth class with me in Calgary or sign up for the online childbirth classes from anywhere in the world!

 New Baby Visitor Rules Don't Wake the Mom or Babe Calgary AB YYC Birth Class

Update!! Here's a twin or multiples version for all you parents of multiples!!

twin multiples new baby visitor rules

If you'd like to share it, please credit Adventures of Little as the author.

Do you have visitor expectations or rules? Share them in the comment section please!

With Love & Light,

Laurie McGowan

October 12, 2015 by Laurie McGowan
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Maria Pokluda

Maria Pokluda said:

Great idea and cute graphic!


Allison said:

Thank you so much for this! I was looking for something none offensive to turn away unannounced guests away and this is perfect! Im not opposed to visitors, just call/text first and be prepared to help in practical ways!!!

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