Welcome 2012: My Goals for Taking Charge

After an amazing visit over the holidays, I am exhausted. It was great to have the house full and all the girls to be able to play together. I had to go back to work last week and miss out on the action. The little things with starting a new job with a new company. We had a fairly quite NYE and the house was vacated early on NY morning. While cleaning and removing the Christmas decorations, I started thinking about what I achieved in 2011 and what goals I want for 2012. Now, I personally don't like NY resolutions. I think it's a lot of hype on something that doesn't get followed through on a lot of the time. BUT I do want to set goals. 

1. Get more physically active. These past 6 months have been crazy. I think we are finally settled in to our house and new city. It's time to take some time and get our bodies in motion. My mom also sent us a long lost video for Christmas. When I was 19, my parents surprised us and took us to Maui. It was amazing. I sound like an obnoxious tool on the video. What broke my heart was that the video was the first time I had heard my dad's voice since he had passed away 8 years ago. Not that he said much, but it as enough to get me thinking. He died almost 4 years after that trip at the age of 46 after having a heart attack while hunting in the mountains. Sometimes I forget heart disease in so close to me. My thicker middle is not only visually unappealing, it's dangerous. I don't know how yet, but I need to get my ass moving. Suggestions of fun ways to get exercise is are welcome! 

2. Eat balanced meals with more beans and vegetables, less meat. We got a new range in the house. After a Christmas of cooking for 11-13, it's been decided that it is awesome. This helps make cooking more enjoyable again. With the moves, the ranges were less than good and made cooking a chore. The new job/moving and not getting home until 5:15 have made cooking rushed and boring. I conscious about the total vegetables and fruits we consume in a day, but keeping it interesting have been challenging. I got some new cookbooks and I am motivated again to make simple yet effective meals. The Vitamix also helps :) Also, we need to eat fish more. And the big one which I have working on for a while and being somewhat successful: eating in season and closer to home. I read an article recently about the amount of food wasted. It made me ill. 

3. Be happier. I have a vicious circle or unhappiness that follows me. And sadly, it's my immediate family that feels it. It's easier to take it out on them than strangers and acquaintances. I recognize it. I think a combo of exercise and taking some time for me might be the lucky combo? We shall see in 3 months haha. 


4. Figure of my business better. I know cloth diapers, but the business part of business scares me. As I look at the pile of paperwork that needs to be down for year end, I want to throw up. This week I also am making more calls to see where in the process we are with our license as it's getting very hard to pay bills without money coming in. I also want to move stock that has been sitting here since I purchased it in March. So keep an eye out for a special once we are live again. First crack will go to those who subscribe to our newsletters (I don't like spam either, so I haven't sent one out yet...first one will be soon and will have coupon codes). 

Thanks for reading this. Writing steadily is a challenge for me, but I always feel better after doing it...perhaps I should make writing a couple times a week #5? 

January 02, 2012 by Laurie McGowan
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