Regaining Sanity...My Way

In order to maintain one's sanity, a refuge of some sort must be used on occasion to escape the chaos and find your inner balance. Or have a place that the door locks. My escape tends to be the bathroom. Dont judge me, its just my sanctuary.

 This was house number 55 that we had looked at when moving to Calgary. Seriously. I fell in love as soon as we hit the Master Bedroom.  An item on my need list was an ensuite and it had to be larger than our previous squished one. The Calgary master bathroom is my version of heaven (when its clean). There is a door with a lock on it between the bathroom and bedroom. The there is a make-up table. There is a toilet with a door and a lock on it. And the bathtub is large enough to fit four of us if needed. Im not bragging. I just love my bathroom.

 I will take any opportunity to spend time in there. Mind you, there isnt a lot of time. The 20 minutes I get before the girls have their bath is my time. I can read, listen to music or half-sleep. Usually, a Delish Naturals product joins me. They make Glam Glow Brown Sugar Scrub. It gently exfoliates and super moisturizes all while smelling lovely.  There are a variety of scents, but I have an obsession with Root Beer Float. Its sweet but not too sweet and oh so comforting.

 I hope you can find a way to relax. Even those few precious moments are important. Something I have come to realize is that things dont get better when Im a big ball of uncontrollable crazinessI need to find the time to calm, de-stress and let the tension go. For some, exercise does the trick. Others, its reading a book and floating in a tub of warm water with super soft skin.

 Lets celebrate bathswith a sale! Until May 7th, buy 2 Delish Naturals Glam Glow Brown Sugar Scrubs and save 50% on the 3rd! One for you, one for your best friend and one for your Mom! Win-win!!


May 02, 2012 by Laurie McGowan
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