To know or not to know...a cloth diapering life lesson

Momstown Calgary North invited me to do a cloth diapering session for their Baby Basics group this week. They rotate “experts” with activities making for a great time. I jumped at the chance, as education is one of my personal mandates. You don’t know what you don’t know, right? We had a small group which ended up being ideal, as we were able to talk about the types of cloth diapers and focus on why cloth diapers make sense. I think we all took something away from the session…me included. Thanks ladies!

I think we were able to get to the real core of why only about 8-10% of Canada uses cloth diapers. People are turned off by the idea of the extra work; there is already so little time, why waste it on diapers. Sometimes I forget that cloth diapering is seen as alternative, because I wouldn’t consider myself alternative. Cloth diapering is just part of our norm. We’ve made it just another part of our lifestyle. 

What I try to stress in these sessions is that there is no set way. You need to take control and make it work for you. In our old house, it wasn’t convenient to have the change table in the baby’s room (aka our bedroom). So I put the change table downstairs after a fit of frustration. It sat outside of our main floor washroom, near the washer and just off the kitchen. My diaper pail and sprayer were in this washroom and it was just steps to the washer. It worked for us. People came over and asked why. I explained, but I didn’t waste much time, as it didn’t matter what they thought about the placement. In our new house the change table is in the girls’ room as it’s close to the washroom and our laundry is upstairs.

Time isn’t an excuse either. I’m not lazy, but I don’t have much time to waste. My house is typically awash of clean clothes that just can’t seem to get folded and put away. I have enough diapers (honestly way too many) to get through 3 days. I do one load every 3 days. It's a minimal time commitment compared to the rest of my life. I’m sorry, but being unable to do extra laundry isn’t really a good excuse.

This was just one example of how you can work it into your life. The other reasons count too. Why not save money, prevent tonnes of human waste from sitting for hundreds of years in the landfill and provide a safer (and way cuter) way to collect babe’s waste?

I would love to hear how you make it easier for your family! I think sharing ideas will inspire those thinking of making a change to cloth. And please, I am not judging. Like I said before, you don’t know what you don’t know. Now you know...and please don't be afraid to ask.




Here's a shot of our old set-up. Our "office" was behind the change table. Ha! It was functional and it's not like it lasts forever.

May 10, 2012 by Laurie McGowan
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