Birthdays...Planning Events While Working Full-Time

Somehow my lil girl is turning 5! This past year she seems to have grown so much in so many ways. So of course we need to celebrate! Now, I am not a big fancy, crazy birthday bash momma. I like a good old fashioned low key but fun event with family there and the close friends. I could not handle 30 kids...for real. Maddie loves Paris. She visited Paris when she was just over 2 years old and always has been connected to the idea of Paris. Her friend had a Minnie Mouse party this year that we were unable to attend. When Maddie had heard Minnie Mouse was her friend's theme, she bounced around dancing and singing that she wanted a Minnie Mouse party. We decided between the two of us to combine the themes for a Minnie Mouse in Paris party!

I made invitations for her friends at daycare (we decided to only invite the girls to try and keep the numbers down...I mean she is only 5). They were very pretty; layered with an Eiffel Tower in the background. Perfect...except that I put August 5th instead of the 4th!!! Thankfully another Mom caught it early this week (and most kids were away on vacation).

I am exhausted! The party is still a couple days away. I tried to get a lot done last weekend as my days are filled with work. Evenings are typically reserved for Adventures of Little, but I've been trying to squeeze party prep time in as well. Lot's of food stuff to do, final decorations to make...I did decide to compromise. I'm making cupcakes, but purchasing the macaroons, tarts, and baguettes from Yum Bakery and I bought frozen, ready-to-bake pastries from Pascal's Pastries. Veggies, fruit, les hamburgers et les hot-dogs will round out the menu. We have a tonnes of Paris decor, so that wasn't too hard. I did swing by the Disney Outlet store in Cross Iron Mills to pick up some Minnie swag and stuffies. I also found cute glass Eiffel Tower vases at Michaels.  I painted the tower part black and found black and white polka dotted flowers to go in them.

I am not a fan of the loot bags typically (sorry people who may of given us one) unless it's useful or disappears (aka food). We decided to make sugar cookies that the kids can decorate themselves and take home with them. A couple Scribbler icing tubes and sprinkles later on a cookie shaped like the Eiffel Tower..and done!

I'm making cupcakes (remaking as the ones tonight didn't really turn out) and using Oreo cookies and fondant to decorate with little Minnie heads. I have big least icing plus Oreos plus cake can't really taste bad...

The best part so far are the dresses. My MIL (and the awesome woman behind MaBaby by MaBa) made each of the girls red and white polka dot dresses. They are both finished with tulle under-skirting and a bow placed specially for each of them. To finish off Maddie's outfit, I had a Minnie Mouse inspired fascinator made by cocorosecouture. Charlie will be rockin' her Pomegranate Easy Fit OS diaper at first, followed by a Watermelon Fuzzibunz OS diaper perhaps? OH, or AMP's Spot OS Duo Pocket diaper!! So many fun choices!

Remember what I said before, how I'm not into big, extravagant parties? I am hoping with the little touches of awesome it will be an awesome party without turning extravagant. So far the biggest part of the budget went to food. With a French theme, one must have good food! It also turns out that tonnes of family members will be coming into town to celebrate with Maddie. She is beside herself with excitement and the thought that all of these people are coming to see her. The house will be crazy full, but filled with love is always lovely. Plus, its an excuse to go back and visit Pascal for more pastries!

I'll do an after party post with pictures and you can let me know if I did okay with my first attempt at a real themed party. Hopefully the house cleaners from Groupon show up on Friday as promised...

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Take care and wish me bonne chance!!



August 01, 2012 by Laurie McGowan
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