Birthdays at Home: DIY Parties with Outside Help

I'm a little slow, but its summer and crazy! I had some phone issues as well as the typical Mommy-is-too-busy-to-take-photos-so-I'm-relying-on-everyone-else-but-no-one-has-shared-their-pictures syndrome. I promised some photos of the final result, so here you go...



The food. Macroons, baguettes, lemon tart and salted chocolate caramel tart were all purchased from Yum Bakery. Croissants, pain au chocolat, choquettes and brioche were purchased from Pascal's Pastries (sold frozen and you bake when you need them). Cupcakes made by moi topped with oreos and fondant to make Minnie Mouses. We had a variety of cheese; two types were lactose free. And EVERYTHING was labeled in French. The pictures were taken by my BIL Joel in Paris at the Musee d'Orsay. Hummus and ranch dips were there for the veggies. Fresh fruit was also a big hit. Veggies were from The Cucumber Man or my CSA box from Eagle Creek Farms.

We made punch with juice and San Pellegrino. Luckily we are semi-obsessed with Paris in our house. I think I took the shot of the Eiffel Tower light up. I had reusable plastic plates from Ikea and many tea cup plate that I had bought from a garage sale. I love china :)



The birthday girl!! Baba (aka MaBaby by MaBa) made each of the girls Ukrainian Princess crowns in addition to matching Minnie Mouse dresses. They were very well received!



This was my inspiration for the cupcakes, found through Pinterest ( They would also be really cute for a baby girl's shower...

Apparently, anyone can throw a fun birthday! 




August 18, 2012 by Laurie McGowan
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