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I thought I would take a moment to (re)introduce myself and give you a better idea about how Adventures of Little started.

I'm Laurie and this is Adventures of Little. We are a family run business operated by myself (Chief Operating Mom) and my husband Josh, with help from Madeleine and Charlotte. Our story starts in 2007 in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Our first daughter Madeleine was born and I knew I wanted to use cloth diapers with her. Already I have lied! The issues that took me to cloth diapers started way before my children. I have an educational and career background concerning the environment. My father who was a trapper/hunter and a conservationist influenced me from an early age. I was concerned with waste disposal and water use before kids and it's only gotten stronger since kids.

 My own family below.

I did a lot of research about cloth diapers while pregnant. The number of styles and fabrics were overwhelming. I didn't have friends at the time that were cloth diapering and there were zero stores in the city that carried any. I order a few random ones online and crossed my fingers. Once baby came, I learned that the one size and smalls that I had wouldn't fit my 7 lb 8 oz newborn. I held off until I could get to Edmonton to talk with a store owner and see their selection. I found out about gdiapers around month 4. I loved how they were designed as a cradle to cradle product, meaning designed for zero waste. We gdiapered 80% of the time and used cloth or disposables the rest of the time. Around month 6 I made several friends who also cloth diapered. It was amazing to meet women with similar ideas and struggles. It wasn't until then that I considered cloth again. One of those friends was Lisa. She was planning an online cloth diaper store as she struggled with the local market as well. When the Diaper Duty Service and Supplies opened January 2009, I have to say it was amazing. She had all the products and more to satisfy a cloth diapering mama and I loved the concept behind the store. Below is the original logo.


In early 2010, Charlotte came along. She was tiny at 5 lb 15 oz. Yet, she was in cloth. It was a mix of disposals and cloth the first month, but from then on she was basically all cloth. Honestly, I had full-blown cloth diaper obsession. We had travelled with Madeleine and cloth, but took it to another level with Charlotte. I arranged my set-up in the house to simplify the routines. I put the change table on the main floor next to the powder room and washer/dryer. The diaper pail and sprayer went into the powder room. I got many funny looks when people visited, but it worked and was easy.

Charlotte. She's growing up and in diapers only at night now.

In late 2010, several events happened and Lisa was going to sell or shut down her store. I knew I wanted to help as well as start building my dream store. We made a family decision and purchased it in February 2011. We operated as is for a couple months with only a slight change to the name (Diaper Duty Supplies Ltd.which is also our legal name). My brother-in-law Tyler McGowan was working as a freelance designer and we collaborated with him and Kaitie Bakker to come up with a brand that I identified with as the brand at the time was designed by Lisa. We released our new branding and the new store September 24, 2011. Simplicity and fun were the drivers behind the brand. We wanted to look unique and give the best customer service. Childhood is an adventures...and babies just happen to wear diapers while on their adventures. Cloth is not a fab, but just another part of your lifestyle - they are just diapers! 

Below is one of our logos. We have fantastic characters that we feature. FYI, Tyler and Kaitie are part of a new exciting design company called Cedar Made Designs. They are amazing.

Just as we released the brand, we also had a job opportunity come up for my husband and made the decision to move to Calgary. It was a crazy time. We moved to temporary housing in October and moved into our home mid-November. We had to close the store until mid-January when permits were finalized. Since then, we've been to markets and meeting new customers. My job takes me back to Fort McMurray once a month, which enables me to set up times to meet with customers there.

We have made Calgary our home. We have expanded our Calgary made products in addition to our large selection of Canadian made products. We are more than diapers too! We carry products the entire family can enjoy; my husband's favorite soap is Delish Naturals Brown Sugar Scrubbie Bar.

What makes us different? 

  • We offer an amazing range of cloth diapers and accessories. 
  • Customer service is our number 1 priority. 
  • We don't think cloth diapers are a fad, but that they are lifestyle.
  • Cloth diapering is fun...and easy so we strive to help you feel this way too.
  • Canadian business is our focus. There are so many great small Canadian business with quality products. And Canadian customers rock!
  • We love collaborating with other local business'.

You may have noticed our Pick-Up times and dates on our Store Policies page. We operate mainly on the weekends and weeknights as we both have (another) full-time job. 

We have a couple trade fairs this year including Mommylicious in Calgary, The Calgary Baby and Tot Show, and The Fall Shopping Extravaganza, so please come to these great events! I love meeting customers face to face and really understanding their needs. Plus, there will be amazing draws.

As we make more and more connections, I hope to spread the word about Adventures of Little. I love to answer questions and offer an in-home consultation to help make choices easier. We celebrate locals with a free pick-up option in addition to shipping across Canada. We continue to grow and expand, so please free to inquire about certain products we dont currently carryespecially Canadian ones!

I am still new to this blogging thing, but I really love to discuss things I feel are important. If you have an idea for a topic, please send it along!  

To wrap it up...we figured we need to start naming our characters and we may as well make it into a contest! There are five in total and to start it off we need to find our bright and spunky whale a name!  


The contest is simple. Leave a comment below with your name suggestion. You have until September 30th at 8 PM MST to comment. If you share, please have the person let me know in the comment who sent them here and the sharer will be entered again each time (if they don't mention you it won't count as an additional entry). Only one comment per person and please make sure you leave your correct email address. The contest is open only to Canadian addresses. The prize will be two $25 gift certificates at Adventures of Little; one random draw and one for the winning name! Let's get creative!

Thank you!


September 12, 2012 by Laurie McGowan
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