Cloth and Transitioning to Solids: How to Care for Cloth Diapers When Babe Starts Solids

You're using cloth diapers. You've been exclusively breastfeeding the past 6 to 8 months. You start feeding your babe solids. WOAH...some serious changes changes are happening in those drawers. What's a parent to do? Warning...there is a lot of poop talk coming up! 

Breastfeed babies have fantastic poop. It's water soluble and ranges from thin to creamy. When solids are introduced, the poop changes big time. Texture, smell, everything. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about that part of it. However, the way you treat your diapers can be helped.The smell initially can't really be helped. Its poop and real food so it stinks. What you can do it remove the poop from the equation as soon as possible. Luckily, the odour is a big clue that poop is present - haha.

No longer can you place all the diapers in the wash without removing off the poop. You need to intervene. There are basically two methods. The free method is the dip and swish. You take the diaper (separate pieces if a pocket diaper) and pull the diaper pail close to the toilet. Now start the dip and swish in the toilet by holding onto the edge of the diaper. When it's fairly clear of poop, let drip a bit and then put it into the pail. This way works well but can be messy for me personally (dual flush toilets make it near impossible - see my post about this here).

I happen to like the diaper sprayer method...a lot! From solids to potty training, it has saved my bacon. Just spray down the dirty diaper! Now, you do have to start at a low flow rate and slowly build it up or you'll end up with a wall of poop and water. I'm really loving it now with the youngest using just her little potties; easy to spray out the poop! It takes five minutes to install and will fit on the majority of toilets.

Another helpful item is a disposable liner. People love them or hate them. Dads seem to really like them. If poops are still not very solid, a larger liner that wraps around the insert or covers more of the inner outer layer will help keep it all off the diaper. You basically pick up the liner and flush it all in the toilet. I like reusable fleece liners too.

You may need to adjust your washing routine. Hotter water and a longer wash will help activate the detergents and clean the deep, stinkier diapers.  I would recommend reading Bummis Laundry Science post to get a good understanding of what is actually going on when you're cleaning.

While waiting for your next laundry day, try sprinkling your favourite deodorizer in your pail or bag. I prefer either The Laundry Tarts Shaker Bon Bons or Rockin' Green Shake It Ups.

Poop stinks. Clean diapers shouldn't.

What are your tips for keeping the stinkies away??

Laurie :)

October 31, 2012 by Laurie McGowan
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