Starting Out with Cloth Diapers: The-What-Cloth-Diaper-to-Buy Dilemma

The most asked question I receive is (drumroll): what cloth diapers should I buy? I don't blame anyone for asking. It's a valid and legitimate question. There are hundreds of diapers styles out there, especially adding in WAHM made and oversea knockoffs. I'm sure it doesn't help when I respond with "I have my favourites but its very dependent on your babe's shape and your needs." It is confusing, but the main reason for so many styles: moms not happy with the fit of the rest of the diapers on the market and decide to make their own. The other reasons are not so happy...perhaps another post...

My advice is pretty standard; don't buy all of one kind right at the start, rather, buy a small variety and see what you like best. Personally and through other's experiences, I find usually the people who buy all the same all at once either love them or dislike them and love is not the majority.
Many stores offer newborn starter kits or diaper loan programs (including us) as a way to help circumvent the buying what you don't end up liking. They are all set-up a little different, but are an incredible resource. Why not take a test drive? If the main reason you are going the cloth diaper route is to save money, then it especially makes sense. Or buy some used to see if you like. If you really like them, you'll want more :)
Be careful when looking at reviews. A diaper that is amazing for one person and horrible for another is probably more due to the fit than anything. Use the reviews that include babies body shape, weight and age and that are similar to your babe as a guide. Pay attention to the quality review as well so you know if it'll take a beating or not.
Due be wary when you buy extremely cheap diapers. In order for them to be sold so cheaply, the working conditions, pay and quality of the material tend to suffer. All reputable diaper manufacturers have some type of warranty if there is a quality issue not caused by the user...not the case with the super cheap diapers as most likely eBay is final. That's all from me on that though :)
Hopefully I gave you some useful tips on starting your stash...what is in your stash?









January 22, 2013 by Laurie McGowan
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