Breastfeeding: Breast pads, milk spray and fun

Breastfeeding...a wonderful bonding moment brought together with providing life for your offspring.  The difficult part though is the sprinkler effect when your breasts are not in use. For those pregnant for the first time, you may need to sit down. Breast milk does not flow in a single stream, it sprays everywhere from many places. Thank goodness breast pads were invented! Typical breast pads are made of a natural fiber (cotton, hemp or bamboo). The are several layers thick and soak up the milk escaping.

Mother-ease makes great organic cotton and bamboo breast pads. They are simple, easy to take care of and come in three packs. 

Depending on your flow, you may need to have mulitple sets on hand. A possible drawback is making sure to change them before they soak all the way through. Disposable breast pads tend to enter here. They are quick and cheap, but they leave all kinds of lint behind, are wasteful and don't absorb very much milk. 

There is a new style of breast pad made by Dry Mama. These breast pads are made with a membrane technology similar to sportwear that is anti-bacterial, absorbent and wicks moisture away from the body. The milk basically evaporates in the pad...meaning no wet shirts when you're out on your 2 hour venture away from babe. You don't need to change them very often (therefore don't need to purchase as many). Cool eh.


As a super plus, they are curved to shape the breast, rather than make it look like you're hiding a cookie under your bra (you know what I'm talking about). Available with pink or blue insides.

Happy New year!!



December 30, 2012 by Laurie McGowan
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