Baby Registries: 3 Why Reasons You Should Have a Baby Registry

UPDATED November 12, 2013!

A baby registry is amazing. So why do so many people not set one up? You’d be hard pressed to find a bride and groom not registered somewhere. Babies are one of those lifetime milestones and if people are planning to buy you a gift, why not give them a list of the things you do want?



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I think there are a couple important reasons why you should have a registry and of course, I like to share my opinions. Now, they may not be true for everyone, but I think you’ll see some universal trends.

1. People don’t really know what you need or want. Most people when asked what they want don’t actually specify. Humans are terrible mind readers (some exceptions I guess) and they need clear direction. You’ve spent at least 8 months pondering what you need, what you want and what would be nice to have. If they are going to buy you a gift, you have the responsibility to be clear or be stuck. It’s not rude. If anything, I think it’s appreciated by the gift givers. Just keep in mind, you need to cover a variety of price points and only select items that you actually need/want. 

2. Saves you (and them) money. One of the big reasons people give for not cloth diapering is that the upfront cost is too much. It’s easy to overcome most of the time; make a registry with your favourite store (Adventures of Little comes to mind) for either specific items or for a gift certificate. Tada, you’re a couple steps closer to saving so much more money. This goes for all items. Maybe you can’t afford both a crib and a stroller, but can handle covering the cost of one of them. Add the other to your registry. It works even better if you tell someone you trust that you do really need it. That person can arrange with a group to get together to purchase it. Everyone feels good!

3. Less waste. Do you really need 3 dozen newborn sized pink dresses? Probably not.  You can ask for items you will use and cut down on the amount of “stuff” that accumulates because you feel guilty donating or selling it in case that relative asks to see the baby in it. You know what I’m talking about! Clutter becomes junk and no one wins. Having a dozen well made newborn sized sleepers is much more useful. You may really want to use organic products or sustainably and ethically sourced items. People may not know as much as you about the subject and you will end up either using a product you are not comfortable with, more clutter or a heavy garbage bag.

There are likely a lot more reasons based on individuals needs. One story I love to share is how a customer of mine wanted to make sure people bought from their registry. This couple was welcoming twins and they wanted to diaper with a specific diaper. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of diapers! They set-up their registry through Adventures of Little. They took it a step further by drawing a prize at the babes’ shower for all people that bought off of their registry. How cool is that!

It's easy. All you need to follow are these 4 simple steps:

1. Add your first item to your Wishlist using the Add to Wishlist button.

2. Set-up your account with us. If you are currently a registered customer, you're good to go!

3. Add any other needed items to your Wishlist.

4. Copy the link on the bottom of your Wishlist page and send it to those that need to be in the know! Items can be held for pick up by the guest, held for the green family to pick up (handy for locals with out of town family and friends wanting to take part) or shipped out if the lucky family isn't local.


I’m curious, did you have a baby registry? We didn’t and in some ways I regretted it. Luckily though, I was pretty vocal about what we did need, so for the most part it was good. A registry would have been wonderful, even for baby #2.

I’d love to hear if you did a baby registry or went without. How’d it turn out? What would you have added to it that you didn’t?

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts today! Have an amazing week!!


February 03, 2013 by Laurie McGowan
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