Family Time is a Beautiful Time...Wait, Something is Missing - Cloth Diapers!

We are super excited in the Adventure's of Little household! Vacation time next week! We've been needing an adventure, so a few days away will be welcomed. The store will remain open and any orders placed between Monday February 18 to Friday February 22 will ship out on Saturday February 23. Orders for pick up will be available starting on Saturday February 23. As a thank you, all orders placed during our away time (Monday February 18 to Friday February 22) will be entered into a draw for a free digital subscription of EcoParent Magazine!

Oddly enough, I am a little sad. This is our first big adventure without DIAPERS! We had always built cloth diapers in as much as possible when we travelled. It can be done and I loved demonstrating how it was possible without a lot of work. I've been thinking of what to pack and slowly realized no diapers meant my girls were growing up! I've had a hard time letting go of our personal stash of diapers. They are more than just diapers to me, they are part of our lifestyle and a way I express my passions about caring for the health of our environment and children.

As I grieve my kid's diapers (ridiculous I know), I remember what remarkable little girls my little ones are now and that those days of babies are gone. Luckily, I have amazing customers with amazing babies! Babies and famillies are why I do what I do and why I provide items that are good for the environment and the soul.

Our lil wonders

The biggest reason I that I started this blog was to provide a space to share my experiences and knowledge with famillies newer to real diapers. I want to take it another step forward. Starting in March, a post in the second week of the month will be dedicated to a questions straight from you! I encourage you to email, PM me on Facebook, DM me on Twitter or leave a comment on the blog letting me know what burning questions or troubleshooting issues you have.

While we are gone, I will be responding to emails, but not as fast as I usually do all in the name of family. 

Thank you!! I can't wait for our question blogs to start!

Photo by Janet Pliszka, Visual Hues Photography Inc.

February 12, 2013 by Laurie McGowan
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