What are the Differences between AMP OS Duo Pockets and Peachy Baby OS Cloth Diapers?

Peachy Baby diapers are the new kid on the block as far as cloth diapers go. They are manufactured by the amazing AMP Diapers! And the people have been asking...what's the difference?

Let's start with what's similar first. Both are: one size, designed and made in Canada, have excellent warranties, have soft leg openings that don't leave red marks and use the same materials for the cover.

For the differences, let me tell you via video! 


You can check images as well to get a better understanding.


As you can see, The Peachy Baby wraps around with one row of snaps across the tummy. The AMP comes together in the middle with a double row of snaps. Bother are shown above in the smallest setting.

The wrap around feature on the Peachy Baby helps to fit newborns well as it also makes the leg opening smaller.

You can see the shapes of the diapers differ as well. The Peachy Baby is slightly more trimmer through the middle and has the extended tabs along the waistband, which not only allows for newborn use, but also for extended use up to 40 lbs. Both share the curved snap down like for the sizing snaps (not straight up and down) to allow for less bunching.

The AMP Bamboo rayon/cotton blend flat is shown on the left, but it also available in 2 ply hemp/cotton blend and 3 ply hemp/cotton blend. You can tri-fold it horizontally or vertically. The Peachy Baby inserts are the same bamboo rayon/organic cotton blend and are available in 2 sizes. They are trimmer than the AMP ones but have an extra layer. You can double up for night if needed, or use the one. You can adjust the size by adding a fold where extra protection is needed (front for boys, middle for girls). 

Finally, the AMP can be used as a pocket with its front opening, whereas the Peachy Baby can not. Both work well over fitted diapers as well. There is some variation as to price.

Peachy Baby OS Diaper:

- system (cover plus 1 small and 1 large insert) $28.00

- cover only $18.00

- small insert $5.00, large insert $5.25

AMP OS Duo Pocket:

- cover only $20

- 2 ply hemp flat $5.50, 3 ply hemp flat $7.50, bamboo flat $8.00

Both diapers are excellent choices, so its really up to the style you are interested in and the fit on your babe.

Have you tried the Peachy Baby diaper yet?


March 08, 2013 by Laurie McGowan
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