Be Part of a World Record: Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013 in Canmore

Have you ever wanted to set a world record? I loved looking through a library copy of the Guinness Book of World as a kid. I'm super excited to part of a world record attempt this year!! And the best part…you can too! On April 20, parents around the world will gather to attempt a new world record of most cloth diapers changed at one time!

2011: A Guinness World Record was set for the most cloth diapers changed simultaneously with 5,026 participants at 127 locations in 5 countries. The total number of participating hosts (not all qualified for the GWR) reporting were 203 with 6,363 participants from 10 countries!  $5,167 was donated to the Real Diaper Association.
2012:  The record set in 2011 was officially broke on Saturday, April 21, 2012 with 8,251 qualifying participants at 189 locations on 4 continents!
As of 4/2/13, 285 hosts have registered to hold world record events in 17 countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Chile, Germany, Spain, Finland, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and the US.
Wow. Imagine that many people coming together for the same purpose: to celebrate Earth Day and raise awareness about cloth diapers. And guess what?!?!
YOU CAN BE A PART OF IT!!! If you are in the Calgary area, there is an official host and location in Canmore for you do your part in setting a world record! Karen Lord is the official organizer and has gone all out again this year!
Oh and the prizes!! The greatest Canadian manufacturers and local retailers have sent amazing samples and awesome door prizes. Adventures of Little and Great Things in Store are co-sponsoring the event! Not using cloth, but want to be part of the fun? I'm bringing a stack of diapers from our loan program for you to use to change your lil one into! There also may be AofL discounts in all the goody bags plus Delish Naturals Yum Bum Butter and a Sling Sisters Wet Bag!! And my lovely friends at Bummis and AMP have both contributed!! There's way more too!!
Registration closes April 18, so head over to the The Great Cloth Diaper Change Canmore website to register you and your lil one. To be officially counted, each location must have at least 25 matched pairs…so we really need you!
To get all the background info, check out The Official Great Cloth Diaper Change website and the Real Diaper Association website. 
Share with your friends! Let's show the world how awesome the Calgary area is!! And car is for Earth Day after all ;)
April 10, 2013 by Laurie McGowan
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