Earth Day 2013: Challenges Beyond Cloth Diapers

Earth Day with Adventures of Little

Did you know something special is happening soon? Events and initiatives that are honouring our Earth! Earth Day is officially April 22nd, but many events will be happening across Calgary and Canada to celebrate.

Shameless plug: The Great Cloth Diaper Change is happening on Saturday April 20th in Canmore. Come join us and be part of a Guinness World Record attempt! Grab a friend with a baby and bring them too (carpooling road trip anyone); we have loaner diapers so everyone can participate!

Really though, Earth Day is something to be celebrated everyday. These celebrations can be little changes to your everyday life or a huge shake-up. Any change is a positive change, so I encourage you to start small. Changes typically lead to additional changes and before long, you've made your positive mark on the world!

What kind of changes you ask? Earth Day Canada has compiled a challenge for everyday in April…but who says it has to start in April? Let's call a do over for May! You can find all the challenges here and I've included a list of some of my favs below!

  • Sheets to the Wind ~ Get rid of dryer sheets! They’re full of toxins, expensive and unnecessary.Keep a spray bottle of water on hand for static cling. (Bonus AofL tip: don't dry to complete dryness and use wool dryer balls)
  • Get Ingredient Savvy ~ Do you know about the toxins lurking in the products you use every day? Environmental Defence has a really useful guide. (Bonus AofL tip: look to see if ingredients are listed and put it back if they confuse you…or pick up Delish Naturals because its awesome)
  • Litterless Lunches ~ Ditch take-out containers once and for all! Invest in eco-friendly lunch containers and utensils for you and your family. (Bonus AofL tip: The Sling Sisters snack bags are made in Winnipeg and rock. Wean Green glass containers are useful for the whole family)

Side note: Do you cloth diaper or have you cloth diapered at some point? Did you know by cloth diapering you not only diverted > 1 tonne of waste from the landfill (based on 2.5 years), but you also followed the World Health Organization's directions to not put human waste in landfills. BRAVO!!

Composting, reducing packaging, eating local, shopping local, growing your own food…these are all fun and easy ways to lessen your impact on the Earth and make a difference with your family. My family's challenge is to get our garden set-up this year!

Now, your turn, what challenge are you and your family going to focus on in honour of Earth Day? Please share in a comment…I am imagining all kinds of wonderful challenges!!! 

April 16, 2013 by Laurie McGowan
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