Kids: What They Think About Cloth Diapers

My babies aren't 3 year old reminds me of this constantly. One of the joys of older children though, is they can voice their thoughts. So as I sat here thinking of something fresh and new for a video post, they both crawled up on my lap and wanted to be part of it. It was brilliant as I have never asked them what they liked about their diapers, or if they even remembered them.

Here they are in all their glory, loving being under lights and knowing people will be watching them. They simple answers are more proof to me that cloth diapers are wonderful for the earth and the soul.

I want to hear from you and your kids! Ask them what they liked about their cloth diapers (or disposable diapers) and share in the comment section what they respond with...I can only imagine some of the responses!!

Thank you and I can't wait to share my next video post with you...newborn diapering!!


April 27, 2013 by Laurie McGowan
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