4 Gift Ideas For Pregnant People

Pregnancy and gifts...it can be tricky! Let's talk about how you can do it right without overstepping with 4 great gift ideas for the pregnant people in your life.

Give the gift of a modern and supportive birth class Calgary

1. Ask the pregnant people.

Whether it's for Christmas or a baby shower, ask the expecting people what they would like. Some people have very set ideas and plans, especially those looking to "green" their lives or have tight budgets. There are really great registry sites now that can combine items from across the internet and incorporate homemade things like food and laundry folding. People really appreciate being asked and it makes you look thoughtful.

2. Ask them about gifts beyond the "stuff".

Are they looking for a doula or did they find one? You can contribute to their doula fund! Same goes for a childbirth class! Any contribution you can make for them will be helpful. I offer gift certificates towards Birth Boot Camp childbirth classes. They can have the option of online or live birth classes....so its good for anyone, anywhere in the world! Go to our Contact page to send me a note and I will set-up a gift certificate for Calgary in any denomination you'd like! Tender Touches Doula Services does gift certificates for birth and postpartum doula services, placenta encapuslation, birth pool rentals and car seat installations! 

3. Food is always good.

Whether you make them frozen meals or start a plan to deliver fresh meals, food always works. A snack basket for their breastfeeding space is a thoughtful gift. Gift certificates to online grocery stores that deliver make you look like a hero!I like Spud.ca as they have a large selection and regular delivery dates. You can use my referral code to save $20 on your first order (CRCAL-MCGLAB). My family will benefit too when you use it.

What about removing the prep step? You can order meals that are ready to be cooked! Dashing Dishes has healthy meals ready to be finished and gift certificates available.

4. Massage, Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care.

Many women are choosing these care providers to maintain their health, work on optimal fetal positioning and RELAX. Some are covered more than others, so check in with the mom-to-be to see who she sees and cover the next appointment! We've got a great resource list for the Calgary area on the website.

There are many other great gift ideas...what was your favourite gift? Share it below in the comments!

With Love & Light,


December 14, 2015 by Laurie McGowan
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