PLUSH: Gear, Gear, More Gear...Got Baby Gear on your Mind?

Buying shows are fun. I get to shop. Enough said. Not only do you get to see the latest products before release, but you also get to meet the fantastic people behind the products. I came to PLUSH in LA knowing a couple vendors and wanting to meet a number more. Now, not all the experience was sunshine and lollipops, but the amazing vendors made it good for me.

This is how I kicked off the weekend...for real!

Calgary was represented well! Wean Green and Girl Gotch were there as vendors with awesome new products!

Wean Green has released 2 new sizes of containers (large round and square glass containers) and now all products except the new ones are available in Garden 4 Packs. They also had their cookbook on looks amazing. Melissa and Dana (Dana is in the picture below) had a fab booth and it was great to catch up with them...something we have to stop doing so far from home.

Girl Gotch rocked their booth stuffed with tonnes of awesome panties for girls...and even let us in on a secret of what's to come to the near future. Katie the owner even helped me win a fantastic prize...and something we'll be sharing with you soon!

Jamie Grayson aka the Baby Guy (Guru) was there as well as part of a panel and he had a baby gear guide seminar. It was awesome meeting him…he also has a thing for cocktails so it was a blast. You can check out his gear guide here. Warning he's awesome and fun, so be prepared.

I found some amazing new products that will be in the store very soon!  I'll be giving each of our new items some major love as they arrive...I can barely contain all the awesome.

To wrap it up, I found some dreamy products that I don't carry in store but have previous models and LOVED as well as some beautiful innovations that parents would love!

The awesome gals at lillebebe were so helpful and fun! As someone with a love for soft structured carriers, this blew my mind. Not that I would use all the options, but the thoughts and purposes that were used to develop it were obvious. I think one is going to land in our house as part of some future expansions coming soon (the business, not me) :)

A Beamer Maclaren...a beautiful specimen. Gearheads will love it. Men will love it and envy those who have it. All women look amazing next to grey. It was super simple to use, lightweight and totally drool worthy.

Bugaboo Donkey Andy Warhol Special Edition. We were parents with a Bugaboo Frog, I'll admit it. And I loved it continually throughout it's 4.5 year life with us. It started a new life with my fab sister-in-law, so no worries, it's still as strong as ever. The Donkey just takes it to another level of awesome. Hmmm, I wonder if they'd give me one to review if we had another baby? It's a luxury item for sure, but it's okay to push it around a venue empty with the umbrella up, right?

Finally, my little sister (in the middle) joined me on the trip and I am so glad she did! We met the most amazing women, Stacy and Belinda, of RuCa Kids. They make beautiful jewelery based on faith and their children's artwork.

Your turn, what product(s) do think we are missing? I'm bringing in some based on what I think my customers are wanting, but I'm open to suggestions! Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

June 13, 2013 by Laurie McGowan
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