Got Teething Troubles? Momma Goose Baltic Amber Teething and Adult Jewellery is Here

I met a great family while at PLUSH, a Canadian family! Based in Langley, Juliane and her husband operate Momma Goose Baby Care, a company that imports genuine Baltic amber. Even more genuine than the amber was Juliane's quest to provide natural remedy's to common ailments without ingesting chemicals. Their three boys were the inspiration behind Momma Goose.

People have asking about amber jewellery for quite sometime, but it just never felt right...until last weekend. Meeting vendors in person and chatting with them over several days instills the trust I need as the products I carry represent the Adventures of Little brand: fun, eco, unique, functional.

Has anyone not heard of amber and its healing properties before? Momma Goose has put together a great FAQ (you may need to grab your dad's reading glasses). Teething necklaces, teething bracelets and adult necklaces are all part of the goods we've brought in! I've been wearing one since's never coming off (except when it should come off as per the FAQs).

There are some safety features including beads that are tiny, so not to block the airway if swallowed. The beads are individually knotted so to prevent more than one bead from coming off. You also need to follow some rules however as safety is up to you. Never let the beads enter a mouth. And always, always use only under direct supervision.

My favourite piece so far is Rainbow Olive necklace. Gorgeous!

Your turn, does your family use amber jewellery? If so, how long? What do you like best about it? Please share with us below in the comment section!

June 14, 2013 by Laurie McGowan
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