Green Moms Collective: Guess Who's a Contributor?

I have to confess...I have a new obsession. Wait, truthfully a few. Let's start with the focus of this article though: I'm the Cloth Diaper Expert in the brand new community the Green Moms Collective! Here's the dish on what the GMC is about.

Green Moms Collective is a Canadian community dedicated to educating & empowering moms to live green through expert information, workshops and eco-action. Find expert eco-content from green living professionals and green mom bloggers sharing their eco-journey in one place. Green Moms Collective exists to help Canadian moms can find the information and support they need to live a healthier lifestyle and contribute to a greener planet. Take a read of the Green Moms Mamafesto:

Green Moms Mamafesto

Basically it's an awesome place to grow, learn and laugh. There are great contributors for so many topics just waiting to be read by you. I've been a little distracted and have a few articles and a vlog going on over there, so I thought I'd share the links here:

Differences in Diapering Fibres - August 6, 2013
Storing Dirty Cloth Diapers - July 22, 2013
Diapers and Daycare - July 18, 2013

Now for my other obsession: vintage. The past while I have been consciously trying to find old to make new. Little furniture pieces, Kijiji and women's consignment stores like Rewind have been my go to places for items. Two weeks ago I took it to a new level; I bought myself a vintage travel trailer for my birthday. Not quite a midlife crisis, but part of my need for more simplicity in my life. Camping and the outdoors is in my blood and it's a part of my life that has been pretty much ignored. Now, this is not your modern trailer. There is no potty, no stove and no heater. It's 14' long with no trailer brakes and weighs about 1300 lbs. I'm still not sure on her age and model, but a '57 Field & Stream is what she resembles the most. And inside of her, basically everything is vintage or not new. We are reusing items from our home, checking out Kijiji and cruising the treasure shops. It's also been great for family time. My hubby and I are working as a team on the trailer and items like a beautiful vintage cutting table that I refinished to be our outside table. Our girls are IN LOVE with it too and want to help out.

Now, we won't be able to go camping for a few weeks, but it gives us time to get the kinks out. Oh and did I mention they are really inexpensive? Yes, you have to be able to put sweat into her, but the rewards are great. We stayed in a campground in Drumheller with giants. I liked being the different one experiencing the break without a satellite.

Repurposing can take on many forms. For parties, I've collected a bunch of china plates from garage sales. It's cheap, easy, and fun without the waste of disposable plates. Yes, some water for dishes, but dishwashers use less water and have a much smaller footptrint. Here is a great article with 6 Tips on Greening Your Summer by Melanie Lindsay.

Your turn, do you have a green obsession? Please share with us below!


August 06, 2013 by Laurie McGowan
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