Vulnerability and Birth: Letting Go of Shame

Vunerability and Birth: You Can Let Go of the Shame
Understanding the level of vulnerability of birth as a first time mother can be mind blowing. With each client and student, I talk about vulnerability and what it can mean to us an individuals. Many of us as women have experienced shame throughout our lives. Sexual, verbal and physical abuse. Never ending thoughts of obtaining perfection. Push to change ourselves to meet other’s expectations. Shame of bleeding and the symptoms that go along with our menses each month. Shame with normal bodily functions like pooping and farting.

Good girls don’t...

Birth is a time where we need to say FUCK being the "good girl". Allowing ourselves to do what our body needs, move as we need to move, release those noises that help us to relax and roll through each contraction. To accept the changes our bodies have made.
Please take a real through this awesome Mother Magazine article that talks about vulnerability and birth. She says it all. Birth Makes You Very Vulnerable, and That’s a Good Thing by Sarah Clark.

People fear vulnerability, and birth is deeply vulnerable. When you speak of the realities of it, it triggers some of our deepest fears and things we have been trained since childhood to feel shame for." ~ Sarah Clark (aka Mama Birth and my super hero).

Looking for more information on shame and vulnerability?

Brene Brown has some amazing resources in the form of TED Talks and books. Her research into shame and vulnerability has been life changing for myself and many others.

With Love & Light,

Laurie McGowan

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