Growing Up Green at the Calgary Baby and Tot Show 2013

I was already super excited for the Calgary Baby and Tot Show October 19 and 20. Now, its been made even better! We will have a large booth filled with our favourite items and I get to present a talk on Growing Up Green! 

Adventures of Little has started evolving and this will be another step towards our future vision. Cloth diapers are a big factor in Growing Up Green, but there are many other easy steps to move forward on your own green lifestyle. We'll chat about simplifying, quality vs quantity, outdoor movements and more. I really hope you can join us!

And to help get you there...I have 3 pairs of tickets to the Calgary Baby and Tot Show* courtesy of Adventures of Little! Please check out the give away below!

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*Transportation is not provided, but transit is suggested. 


October 09, 2013 by Laurie McGowan
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