Birth Secrets: You Get to Choose Your Birth Team

Birth Secrets: You Get to Choose Your Care Provider in Calgary


Did you know you have a choice of prenatal care providers in Calgary? We have access to three types of care providers, two of them specific for low risk pregnancies. Midwives, low-risk physicians and high-risk obstetricians. We spend Class 3 of our natural childbirth series in Calgary talking about the differences in care and how to go about changing providers. Please note: if you would like a midwife, stop reading this and register right now here:

I discussed this topic in a recent Facebook Live video and you can watch it below!

Sometimes, we risk out of our chosen provider, but that doesn't mean we don't have a choice. I recently risked out of midwifery care due to carrying twins. It still's still a disappointment...I can't lie. I wanted nothing more than being under the care of a knowledgeable midwife and to have a homebirth that my family and kids could participate in with me. Twins mean a transfer to an OB. I was given a choice as to where to be referred. I haven't met the OB yet, so I will put informed consent on the table once we meet. We still have the ability to change care providers within our system if our reasonable needs are not being met.

Who did you choose for prenatal care? Did you know there were options? Please share your choices in the comment section.

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July 26, 2016 by Laurie McGowan
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