What do I receive with my natural childbirth class?

The full color, professionally printed Field Manual, relaxation training, links to additional reading on complimentary topics, and a breastfeeding DVD, The Ultimate MRE, taught by lactation consultant Mellanie Sheppard, IBCLC, RLC.

What is this company? Who created the materials?


Birth Boot Camp core curriculum was created by Childbirth Educator Donna Ryan, who has taught natural childbirth classes since 2003. Contributors that have made the program complete come from other educators, a personal trainer/health coach, CNMs, CPMs, doulas, a massage therapist, a lactation consultant, a Webster-certified chiropractor, and many other resources. It is a complete program for today’s couples.

Should I take a live childbirth class or an online class?

You know yourself better than anyone. There is no accountability with online classes. Your online instructor cannot look you in the eye and ask how relaxation practice is going or look over your Chow Chart. Many people do fine with that and even prefer it that way. If your schedule is hectic, you may have a hard time getting into a live class. You may be 34 weeks into the pregnancy and with online classes, you can still take the full course. All that being said, we are available to answer any questions you might have even if you are taking classes online.

A live class is preferred for many couples. The community from a class environment is a wonderful way to feel supported on this journey. Your questions are answered immediately and then there is that accountability! Discuss with one another which form of learning will accommodate you best.

When should I start classes?

Birth Boot Camp is a 10-week course with a comprehensive breastfeeding DVD included — essentially 11 classes. It is recommended to start classes in the last trimester and preferably not before 25 weeks. You want the information to be fresh in your mind come birth day! Classes fill quickly, however, so reserve your spot as early as possible.

Who should take Birth Boot Camp classes?

Birth Boot Camp is designed for couples wanting a natural birth and wishing to avoid a cesarean. Both partners will be prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally. Visit Class Descriptions for more details on the topics you can expect to be covered in class.

What sets Birth Boot Camp apart from other programs?

Birth Boot Camp was created with today’s couples in mind. It is interactive, utilizing the internet and social media. The materials are relevant and up-to-date. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection, you have access to a complete course preparing you for a natural birth. I have gone through rigorous training and I am equipped to teach you how to have an amazing birth. Please visit the Why Choose Birth Boot Camp page for more details on the natural childbirth class.

Why do I need a childbirth class?

Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time. Why do we need a class to prepare us for something our body naturally does? Many dads have this question, especially when it involves spending $$$! Unfortunately, many of our ideas about birth come from the media, which rarely presents birth in a positive — even enjoyable — manner. With each passing year, we become more comfortable with a rising cesarean rate. When a couple is trying to avoid interventions, medication, and a cesarean, it is crucial that they know their options and how to help themselves in the throes of labour. Birth Boot Camp gives you those tools and wants you to have fun along the way. Childbirth education is actually really good for the relationship and many couples report that they never felt closer than when they were taking a childbirth class.

Birth Boot Camp holding hands
Your childbirth class will help you grow closer together as a couple.

What is covered in these natural childbirth classes?

Hot topics include:

  •  Nutrition and exercise
  •  Relaxation training
  •  Carefully choosing a care provider, birth place, and birth team
  •  Interventions and procedures — when you need them and when you don’t!
  •  The process of labour and birth
  •  An entire class just for the partner
  •  Ways to avoid a cesarean and/or have a VBAC
  •  Immediate postpartum period
  •  Newborn testing & procedures
  •  Breastfeeding initiation
  •  Parenting techniques to help you enjoy your new baby and adapt to parenthood

Are the online classes video or webcast? Do I have to set a certain time to view them?

The online classes can be accessed at any time and are taught by Birth Boot Camp founder and childbirth educator Donna Ryan. Joining Donna is Sarah Clark, childbirth educator and Birth Boot Camp curriculum developer. Classes are professionally recorded and edited. They are formated “morning talk show style” and are peppered with birth stories from several couples, as well as various professionals on a number of topics. Each class runs between 1-2 hours and may be done on your own time schedule. If you and your partner are going to miss a live class, please let Laurie know as she will send you the online version (up to 4 classes can be viewed).

What is the format of the live classes?

The live classes will follow the Birth Boot Camp curriculum with my special twist. Rest assured, you will be learning from a woman who has given birth without medication and has attended other births besides her own. I am able to share that wisdom with you — incorporating games, live relaxation practices, and birth videos — in order to help you be fully prepared to give birth naturally. Both partners should attend, but if one or both of you need to miss class, up to four classes can be made up online.

What kind of assignments will we have?

Each week there will be Physical Training and stretching exercises as well as a Chow Chart, helping you stay on track with a well-balanced diet. Weekly relaxation, personalized kegel exercise routine, reading, and lots of communication between one another and your care provider will help you in achieving your goal of having a natural birth. Learn how to write a unique and effective birth plan that won’t be tossed aside. Study various charts and labour/pushing positions in your Field Manual. Weekly assignments are listed at the end of each class in your Field Manual, and you are encouraged to take them seriously and complete them each week in order to get the most out of your Birth Boot Camp class and enjoy an AMAZING birth.

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