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I am Laurie McGowan, the owner and Chief Operating Mom of Adventures of Little. I am a certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor and a certified Birth Boot Camp DOULA in Calgary, Alberta. I bring an open mind, empathy, genuine caring, and a little humour to each class and client meeting. I love coffee, pastry and my bicycle…in that order.

My job is to help couples simplify childbirth through empathy and education so they too can have the empowering birth they wish to experience wherever they choose to birth.

Birth Boot Camp is a 10-week modern and comprehensive pregnancy and childbirth class designed for couples wanting a natural birth in Calgary Alberta. Classes are set-up to be started around 20 to 25 weeks pregnant, but can be started as early as 15 weeks or as late as 30 weeks. I offer up to 4 classes that can be taken online if there are issues with a few of the class dates. Life happens! Let me help you and your partner through education and birth support.


Tender Touches Doula Services Calgary Airdrie Cochrane Strathmore OkotoksAs your doula, I use our prenatal sessions to build a relationship out of trust and respect. I believe in the strength of a woman's body and respect her ability to make her own decisions. I believe that knowledge is powerful. I have many tools in my birth tool box and will work for you as per your wishes and needs. If you have a birth partner, your partner may be guided by me as you need...your partner will be your rock star and you will be the Goddess! I am a birth doula for Tender Touches Doula Services Inc and the services of myself and their team can be booked through their website.

I am a mom to two lovely and spirited girls, each with a different birth story. I have experienced both a medicated birth and a natural birth in hospital settings. Not only were my husband and I unprepared for the labour and birth of our first child after attending the typical hospital classes, we were unprepared for breastfeeding and postpartum care. I feel blessed that our doula with our second child opened our eyes to natural childbirth through empathy, education and empowerment. Our second hospital birth was quick and joyful with no interventions.

My Family, My Why, My Reason for Birth Business in Calgary Alberta
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I operated Adventures of Little as an online eco-boutique for over three years until July 31, 2014. The store specialized in cloth diapering supplies, natural skin care, eco cleaning products, reusable family products and hand crafted items.

Over the past few years, I have run workshops, frequented trade shows, had numerous speaking engagements, and attended local customer's homes to educate people about the benefits of cloth diapering and eco living—education is one of my personal mandates. I received a Diploma in Chemical Sciences and a BTECH in Environmental Engineering from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, and have 8 years as an environmental professional under my stylish belt. I am an official GreenMom contributor on the Green Moms Collective.

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I am is a certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor. Birth Boot Camp Instructor certification requirements include the following:

  • Breastfeed a child for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Had at least one vaginal birth, free of pain medication.
  • Complete the study guide and the assigned readings.
  • Observe at least 2 different types of labours/births.
  • Compile a list of community resources.
  • Attend the 4 day BBCI workshop and pass its written exam with a minimum of 70%.
  • Complete re-certification requirements each year.

I am a certified Birth Boot Camp DOULA. Birth Boot Camp DOULA certification requirements include the following:

    • Complete the study guide and the assigned readings.
    • Complete & pass a Bloodborne Pathogens Course (OSHA).
    • Attend two of the same breastfeeding support groups consecutively, to observe the progression and observable growth of the new mothers.
    • Compile a list of community resources.
    • Attend the 3 day BBCD workshop and pass its written exam with a minimum of 70%.
    • Complete doula re-certification requirements each year.