We know you have a choice when it comes to childbirth classes. Here's what makes Birth Boot Camp different!

  • One price includes EVERYTHING! Whether in our group session, private class or online, you pay just your one fee.
  • Classes focus on mom AND her birth partner. All couples are welcome as well as all single moms and their chosen support person. Everyone has the right to an amazing birth.
  • Practical information you will use in your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.
  • Comprehensive breastfeeding education, Breastfeeding: the Ultimate MRE video comes with every class series.
  • A focus on parenting techniques to help your new family adjust and enjoy this time together.
  • Serious relaxation training for BOTH mom and her partner! You will learn to relax together. These skills are transferable for life!
  • Up-to-date materials including birth videos and an incredible full-color workbook.
  • Personalized pelvic floor program designed by a licensed Physical Therapist.
  • Extensive weekly pregnancy physical training made specifically for growing mothers!
  • Daily “Chow Charts” helps you streamline and optimize your nutritional intake and focus on self-care throughout your pregnancy.
  • An Instructor who have been there and given birth naturally themself!
  • Birth Boot Camp comes with a team of people to help you and answer your questions. This is not a one-man show! We have an entire Board full of experts who developed and are continually updating the curriculum.

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Yes, we love natural childbirth!

We will give you as much information as we can on ways to help you achieve a natural birth...but things do happen. There is a time and place for each intervention and further education can help your discussions with your care providers. Laurie is very understanding and leaves judgement out of this class!


We talk about people other than your direct care provider that can help you with your pregnancy and beyond!

Chiropractic care is part of our classes and here's why:

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