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Siblings at Birth Class and Workbooks


We are so excited to introduce the Birth Boot Camp Siblings at Birth Class and Workbook!

Birth is about so much more than just mom. We believe that birth is important for the birthing woman, her partner, and all other children. It is a family event!

The tone for the growing family starts by the way we approach birth as a family. When children are included in the preparation for childbirth with their own birth class, they see the coming baby as a celebration. Family bonds will be stronger and sibling rivalry will be minimized.

Siblings at Birth Class Options

There are two ways that you can approach the Sibling at Birth class.

1. You can purchase the Sibling Workbook and teach the class to your own children by simply following along with the book and discussing the information with your child.

Siblings at Birth Preparing Children for Birth Class Calgary

You can purchase one Sibling Workbook for $20.00. If you have more than one child (we do recommend that each child have his/her own workbook) and you order a book for each child, the price is $16.00 per book. This allows you take the personal time with your own children to prepare them for the upcoming birth.

2. You can take the Preparing Siblings for Birth Class with Laurie of Adventures of Little.

Laurie McGowan is a childbirth educator who is trained to share information in fun, interactive ways. An age appropriate Birth Boot Camp birthing video will be shown in class. Parents are invited to the class as well and it is taught on an as-needed basis. This class is likely a private class for families and is taught in your own home. The class is $60 and includes 1 workbook. Additional workbooks can be added for additional children.

This class runs approximately 1.5 hours.